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Wonderfeel successful despite summer storm

Three days of classical music among the trees and cows. Festival Wonderfeel presented a unique classical music festival last weekend from 24 to 26 July, under the smoke of 's-Graveland. Top musicians from home and abroad gave dozens of concerts. Lectures were given and, as befits a festival, there was also plenty to eat, drink and... 

On the death of a peerless jazz legend: Clark Terry 1920 - 2015

Clark Terry was a legend and is no more. The American jazz trumpeter died on Saturday at the age of 94. He began his musical career with jazz greats Count Basie and Duke Ellington, who soon recognised his extraordinary talent. He said of the two: "Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was graduate school." [Tweet ""Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was ... 

Thumbs up for Morgan Knibbe - Those Who Feel the Fire Burning nominated at IDFA

Morgan Knibbe doesn't do that badly at all. Graduated from the Film Academy two years ago, already on equal footing with the world's best documentary filmmakers at IDFA. Those Who Feel the Fire Burning is his unconventional portrayal of the world of refugees who ventured across to Europe. Now nominated for IDFA's top prize, the award for best feature-length documentary. It... 

IDFA 2014: Do women look at the world differently? 9 sides of a documentary puzzle

Film-making used to be a man's business. Men made films about men watching women - something like that. In 1975, film scholar Laura Mulvey launched the famous notion of 'The Male Gaze'. Last year, it resurfaced in the heated debate surrounding La vie d'Adèle, that wonderful film by Abdellatif Kechiche (male) about a lesbian love affair. So how about before? This year, IDFA has... 

'Immersive reality' shows fierce future for visual journalism on #IDFA

So I spent five minutes in singer-songwriter Patrick Watson's studio. He played a bit. Put his phone in the ashtray. Said something to his labrador. And I could look around quietly while he played. Behind me, in front of me. Below and above. Nothing like sitting at an artist's home while he plays. And he wasn't bothered... 

IDFA 2013 opens with battle in Syria

A bit decadent it was last night. In a festive mood with glass in hand to the kick-off of the 26th edition of the documentary festival IDFA in Tuschinski, and then an hour and a half of watching the fortunes of a group of Syrian rebels in the completely destroyed city of Homs.

Talal Derki's Return to Homs, realised with support from the IDFA Bertha Fund, shows, in the form of unpolished direct cinema, a picture of the struggle as we see it - all media to sp...

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Wry-poetic Alzheimer's doc First Cousin Once Removed best of IDFA

Two opposites had emerged. Would the VPRO IDFA Award for best feature-length documentary go to a personally coloured auteur's film, or to a thoughtful account of a major issue? To Alan Berliner's remarkable portrait of Alzheimer's-affected poet Edwin Honig, or to Dror Moreh's fascinating insight into the Israeli secret service?

Museums, Boxmeer theatre, IKON, ANP, regional broadcasters, impoverished library

MuseumgoudA not expelled MuseumgoudA may still remain a member of the Dutch Museum Association (NMV). A majority of the members were still of the opinion in September that the museum should be expelled because it had auctioned Marlene Dumas' The Schoolboys at the end of June without consulting other museums. That is against the NMV's rules. It did, however, decide to change the rules for the... 

IDFA awards Planet of Snail

IDFA's jury neatly balanced poetry and politics by awarding among the feature-length documentaries the moving Planet of Snail (South Korea), alongside the Palestinian village-set 5 Broken Cameras, a Palestinian/Israeli/French/Dutch co-production. Planet of Snail by Seung-Jun Yi received the main award, the VPRO IDFA Award for best feature-length documentary. The fireworks of... 

IDFA screens Tahrir 2011, eyewitness account of Egyptian revolution

A bit alienating it is. Watching at IDFA the eventful account of Egypt's February Tahrir 2011 revolution while at the same time, in Tahrir Square, the second phase of resistance against the dictatorship is in full swing. A kind of 'back to the future' feeling. Tahrir 2011 Tahrir 2011 is a relatively unpolished, but with a sense of... 

IDFA 2011: Ramon Gieling, Frank Scheffer and the magic of music

Coincidence? The two Dutch documentaries in the main competition of the IDFA documentary festival both explore what music can mean to people. Two films that also complement each other perfectly - one starts from the perspective of the listener, the other from the musician. In About Canto, Ramon Gieling outlines the profound influence that Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato... 

IDFA 2011 kicks off with Danish documentary stunt work: The Ambassador

The crisis rages on and the Arab world is in flux, but in the documentary world, the time for big stories is over. At least that was the conclusion drawn by festival director Ally Derks at a press conference ahead of the 24th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (16-27 November). Unlike a decade ago, documentary filmmakers now focus... 

As of 2013, the art scene in Amsterdam looks very different.

Now then. 6.5 million goes off subsidised institutions. In Amsterdam. Qua municipality. The state was already doing away with just over 40 million, leaving 36 institutions in dire straits. Now Amsterdam has decided to keep at least 13 named institutions. Should we think of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the IDFA, Holland Festival, Concertgebouw and the Muziekgebouw... 

IDFA 2010 - State of the Stars double winner

Leonard Retel Helmrich's Stand of the Stars is a two-time winner of the Amsterdam documentary festival IDFA. At the awards ceremony at the Tuschinski theatre, it was announced that this dynamic and poetic portrait of a poor Indonesian family not only won the VPRO IDFA Award for best feature-length documentary, but was also chosen (by another jury) as the best of the... 

IDFA 2010 - The documentary Utopia in Four Movements as a live experience

The latest in documentary screening has nothing to do with websites or other new media. On the contrary, the presentation of the 'live documentary' Utopia in Four Movements, which IDFA had the European premiere of, in fact harks back to the primal form of cinema, when films were shown with live music and a so-called explicateur. Utopia... 

IDFA 2010 - George Sluizer wants to give Palestinians dignity with Homeland

After the opening film Stand of the Stars, the second major premiere of a Dutch documentary at IDFA was that of Homeland. The screening at the Tuschinski Theatre, incidentally, was not just about the Palestinian cause, as it was also, of course, a celebration in honour of 78-year-old director George Sluizer (Spoorloos), arguably our most internationally oriented filmmaker.... 

23rd IDFA opens with yellow ribbons and documentary State of the Stars

If you see someone wearing a yellow ribbon one of these days, it is in protest against the cuts to arts and culture. As might be expected, Ally Derks, director of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, in her speech at the opening of the 23rd edition of the film event, took a hard line against the impending attack on the arts.... 

State of the Stars opens IDFA documentary festival

Leonard Retel Helmrich's Dutch documentary Stand of the Stars will open the 23rd edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) on 17 November, it was announced yesterday. The film is also in the competition for best feature-length documentary. State of the Stars is the third part of a triptych in which Retel Helmrich follows the fortunes of... 

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