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George Vermij

George Vermij is a cultural omnivore with a curious and critical eye. He studied art history and political science in Leiden and has an incurable film addiction. Besides Cultuurpers, he writes about film for Schokkend Nieuws, Gonzo Circus and In de bioscoop. For Tubelight, Metropolis M and Jegens & Tevens he writes about visual art.

New avenues for fantasy and horror: nostalgia, nihilism and quirky malevolence

Imagine has been transforming for several years. When this festival was still going through the world under the name Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, its main focus was on genre cinema. The Fantatstic genre is an insidious term used as a catch-all for science fiction, fantasy and horror. In these postmodern times, fantatstic is harder to delineate. The festival therefore changed its name back in 2009,... 

Movies that Matter: 'feel bad' films make a 'feel good' festival together

These are bleak times. A few days after the opening night of the Movies that Matter festival (MTM) in The Hague, the world was rocked by the attacks in Brussels. For an event that focuses on human rights issues, a sign that the violent consequences of international conflicts seem to be getting closer. This raises the question of whether an audience that is... 

'The President' finally to be seen in the Netherlands

Movies that Matter is organising a screening of Mohsen Makhmalbaf's 'The President' on 10 January with special guest -writer and journalist- Alexander Münninghoff (The Stamholder). In 'The President', a deposed dictator in an Eastern European country is confronted with his actions after he is forced to go into hiding with his grandson. In Mohsen Makhmalbaf's satire, the roles are briefly reversed and with it... 

The Netherlands' most intimate film festival can be found in Leiden: #LIFF15

10 years ago, it all started. A group of recent graduates of Leiden University found that their dear Alma Mater [hints]Latin for nurturing or caring mother. Alma mater refers to the university or sometimes the school where someone received their education. In ancient Rome, the term Alma Mater was used for the mother goddess; in the Middle Ages, Alma Mater referred to... 

Architecture Film Festival: Raw concrete on the big screen

From confrontational brutalism to the flowing lines of Frank Gehry and from timeless London to the Paris of Eric Rohmer. Some of the selections from the Architecture film festival that starts on 8 October in Rotterdam. We take a dive into the programme in advance. In its existence, the AFFR has managed to hold its own against other thematic... 

Autumn of reflection

Movies that Matter will not only see you at the festival in March. The film event, organised by Amnesty International, will also tour several film houses in the Netherlands this autumn. It kicks off in October with the screening of Hubert Sauper's documentary We come as friends. In his earlier film Darwin's nightmare, this award-winning Austrian showed... 

Italian grandfather of arthouse cinema

With Michelangelo Antonioni - Il maestro del cinema moderno, EYE has once again managed to put together a flawless and solid film exhibition. George Vermij visited the exhibition on the Italian master filmmaker and looks back on his influential oeuvre. In Dino Risi's road movie Il Sorpasso (1962), the passionate and extroverted Vittorio Gassman takes on a young and reserved Jean-Louis Trintignant... 

Greek special (1): Our Greek is still called Zorba

Following the euro crisis, Culture Press focuses on Greece in a series of articles. In the first part, George Vermij looks at how film has influenced our image of the Mediterranean country. Is there not a more striking image of Greece than Antony Quinn as Zorba dancing the Sirtaki and finding resignation despite the harsh setbacks life offers? The... 

Movies that Matter on tour: Burden of Peace

The Movies that Matter film festival offers a programme of engaged and socially critical films not only in March. With Movies That Matter On Tour, special films are screened throughout the year throughout the Netherlands. In May, it is the Dutch documentary Burden of Peace. Burden of Peace tells the impressive story of Claudia Paz y Paz, the first woman to... 

A vital and pitiful procession: William Kentridge at EYE

With its latest retrospective If We Ever Get To Heaven, EYE again convincingly and confidently presents itself as a museum that looks beyond film history. This was already evident in previous exhibitions such as Expanded Cinema, which showcased visual artists working at the intersection of film and art. Now William Kentridge has been given the honour of... 

Here come the Robots! Imagine Film Festival 2015

Lately, the media has been flooding you with predictions about the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. Take for instance Nicholas Carr's book The Glass Cage, which analyses the revolutionary impact of new technology in the workplace. These are developments that have not passed Imagine programmers by. The 31st edition of the film festival, which... 

CinemAsia 2015: a continent of new film

The sixth edition of CinemAsia kicks off on 1 April in Amsterdam. The festival offers a broad and surprising overview of films from Asia. Ranging from anime from Japan to a documentary on Indonesian action films or a contemporary Filipino relationship comedy. Culture Press already dived into the programme. In itself, of course, there is plenty to choose from when you look at all those prolific studios in China, Japan, South Korea,... 

This is a must-see at the STRP Biennial!

Eindhoven is the mecca of experimental electronica for a while every two years with the STRP Biennial. In the Brabant city of lights, you can enjoy no less than nine days of leading dance acts. In addition, experimental performances explore the intersection between film, art and technology. Culture Press makes a preselection. Hypnotic dance swell The British Factory Floor has one foot in the past, but looks musically to the future. Their... 

Movies that Matter 2015

Engagement on the big screen: Movies that Matter 2015

The latest edition of the Movies that Matter festival kicks off in The Hague on Friday 20 March 2015. A fitting location for a festival that occupies a unique position with its focus on human rights and cinema. On Culture Press for a preview of the programme. Movies that Matter, like previous years, offers an interesting mix of documentaries and fiction films that will give you a... 

On the death of a peerless jazz legend: Clark Terry 1920 - 2015

Clark Terry was a legend and is no more. The American jazz trumpeter died on Saturday at the age of 94. He began his musical career with jazz greats Count Basie and Duke Ellington, who soon recognised his extraordinary talent. He said of the two: "Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was graduate school." [Tweet ""Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was ... 

From Urban to softerotica: The remarkable career of Sam Taylor-Wood/Johnson

The critical commotion that has emerged around the film adaptation of E.L. James's book Fifty Shades of Grey seems to focus mainly on the good-natured tameness of the final product. Something that contrasts with the supposedly edgy nature of the book, where a virginal young woman allows herself to be sexually initiated by a rich SM yuppie. Film critic Antony Lane listed... 

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