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Ksenia plays Oscar and Oma Rozerood in Leiden (pr image)

Ksenia Marasanova plays quartet of theatre performances in Leiden 

East-Ukrainian-born actress Ksenia Marasanova has been touring the Netherlands for years with solo theatre performances. In mid-March, she will visit Leiden. At Empire Theatre, she will play three solo performances and one performance in a company. Ksenia makes high-profile theatre that really touches you. The quartet opens on 14 March with the anti-war performance They Saw War. Six people interacted... 

Still from trailer Carmina Burana

A Ukrainian Carmina Burana with an Amersfoort touch, thanks to Gerard Mosterd.

'Carmina Burana is the first project in Ukraine where I had a free hand to really turn it into something completely different. I didn't have to adapt an existing production, but could create a whole new performance from scratch.' Gerard Mosterd (1964) has a long career behind him as a dancer and choreographer. Now he is also a producer of... 

Benefit Ukraine: Light and Darkness

No easy task in dance performance Benefit Ukraine: Light in Darkness

Dancers are extraordinary creatures. Take Vlad Detiuchenko and Veronika Rakitina. Fled from Kyiv to The Hague last year, they are now both dancing in the performance of former prima ballerina of the Dutch National Ballet Igone de Jongh. They travel with it from Den Helder to Eindhoven, single-handedly organising the performance on 21 March Benefit Ukraine: Light in Darkness. I looked for the... 

Logo of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

More cultural cooperation with Ukraine

The cabinet is making Ukraine a so-called focus country in the field of international cultural policy. State Secretary Uslu (Culture and Media) announced this during a consultation with European culture ministers in Brussels. This status will increase opportunities for cultural cooperation, investment and exchange. State Secretary Uslu: 'Especially now, it is important to cooperate on cultural matters as well. Everything from... 

Emotions at the launch of the new United Ukrainian Ballet in The Hague

Emotions at the launch of the new United Ukrainian Ballet in The Hague

On Tuesday 31 May, the new ballet company The United Ukrainian Ballet was presented to the public at the old Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Ukrainian dancers who fled to the Netherlands have found a new home in this company under the direction of ballerina Igone de Jongh. When I walked into the conservatory before the presentation, I could immediately make out a crying Ukrainian girl... 

Ksenia with theatre performance on the trail of the liberator.

So that we never forget that the Netherlands also needed help to become free. Ksenia tours the Netherlands with her theatre show 'They Saw War' and plays on liberation commemorations. Or on days when a town, village or hamlet was liberated in 1945. She follows the trail of the liberators. In 75 minutes, Ksenia takes the audience into the lives of... 

Tiago Rodrigues directs Isabelle Huppert in The Cherry Garden at the Holland Festival: 'From Chekhov, the best friend of all actors in the world, we play every note.'

'For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to play all the notes written by Chekhov. It was an intellectual and artistic challenge to really work with Chekhov. I could really let Chekhov be one of the authors of the play, which is very unusual for me. After all, I'm used to writing plays to... 

Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel open to visitors from Wednesday 9 March

This Wednesday, 9 March, the Amsterdam Museum, in full consultation with Hermitage Amsterdam, will open the doors of its new temporary home in the Hermitage building on the Amstel to the public. The festive opening was scheduled for last Saturday but was postponed by the museum. ''We have been renting a wing of the Hermitage Amsterdam since 2014. I am looking forward to being in... 

Culture Council supports action #hArtforUkraine

The cultural field is deeply shaken by the war in Ukraine. This weekend, the cultural sector is taking concerted action for Ukraine with #hArtforUkraine. To show solidarity and to express sympathy and support, participating organisations adorn their buildings in blue and yellow and donate proceeds to Giro 555 of the Cooperating Relief Organisations. The Culture Council supports... 

'It was like a disaster movie' Film journalist Lena Rubashevskaya on her flight from Ukraine

Lena Rubashevskaya is a well-known film journalist and documentary filmmaker from Ukraine. She was working on a new film in Donetsk when Russian troops began their invasion of Ukraine. She had to flee headlong. Now, eight days later, she tells us her story from Warsaw. When you listen to her, you understand forever that fleeing war and violence is one of... 

Amsterdam Museum suspends opening temporary home in Hermitage

The Amsterdam Museum has decided to keep the doors of its new temporary home in the Hermitage building closed until further notice. The opening, scheduled for Saturday 5 March, will not take place because of the war in Ukraine and sentiment about these poignant events across the country and the city. ''The war in Ukraine has had terrible consequences for... 

Culture sector takes action for residents of Ukraine #♥rtforUkraine

The cultural field, like everyone else, is deeply shocked by developments in Ukraine. We are deeply concerned about the impact of the large-scale hostilities in Ukraine on the people of the country. To show solidarity and to express sympathy and support, the cultural field is organising the #♥rtforUkraine campaign next weekend 4, 5 and 6 March 2022 with... 

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