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Greg Nottrot is energised by the corona crisis: 'Let's enjoy the fact that there is finally room for experimentation again.'

'I did get startled at first by being so laconic under the lockdown. I thought: don't I care enough to step over it so lightly? I also fully understand that people are very sad that it's all off, but apparently I'm a bit more fatalistic about that.' Greg Nottrot, playwright and enigma maker,... 

ITA's Cherry Garden delivers neat play in theatrical no man's land

It must have started with a big plan in Simon McBurney's head. The Brit, a master of mathematically precise text theatre full of technical gadgets, saw the amazing floor of the Rabozaal of Amsterdam's Stadsschouwburg and his brain started working. Something about a backcloth covering the full width of the hall, something about a doll's house, something about... 

Podcast. Love cures in Scheveningen. You don't need LSD or magic mushrooms for transcendence.

The miracle happened right at the first location. On a bare piece of dune in front of beach café Oscars there are rocking benches. From one of those benches I looked, swaying, over a slope of marram grass, then a couple of terraces and beyond that the sea. As it was a weekday, but summer warm, some bathers had already settled into beach chairs. Crowded it was... 

Haka dance of Maori in New Zealand

Hakadans at the office: The Corporate Tribe

I have read the best management book ever! It was also my first and I don't think I'll be reading a second one anytime soon. But what a book, The Corporate Tribe. Maybe it should have a 'Definitely not just for managers' sticker next to the 'Management Book of the Year 2016' sticker. It is a treat for anyone who works with other people... 

Sheila Hicks, Escalade Beyond Chromatic Lands -2016-2017- Arsenal-End-wall

Venice Biennale emphasises soft forces in art

The 57th Venice Biennale brings the world together and the art world to Venice. This year, the biennial art event is bigger than ever. Here you will find out what is 'trending' in contemporary art. Everyone thinks something of this event and we live in a time when everything and everyone is held up to the yardstick: 'Have you been there?.... 

Jordi Lammers, or: the secret miracle of a Utrecht Literature Festival #ILFU17

And then there turns out to be a festival theme after all. Comes all by itself. Perhaps not thought of beforehand by the management of the International Literature Festival Utrecht (ILFU), but after three days of immersion crystal clear. Writing is about that about which we do not speak. During the last festival night, Saturday 13 May, I immersed myself for the occasion in a section that allows 'Utrecht' to... 

Translator Gerd Busse, Paulien Cornelisse and Arjan Peters

Millennials like to write about 'us' #ILFU17

Whereas at last year's IlFU you were tucked away airtight in the hermetic halls of the former post office on Utrecht's Neude, the expansive view of Tivoli/Vredenburg is a breath of fresh air. It seems to loosen everyone up a bit. The result is more humour and better conversations on the roof of the world. Voskuil's Office does not birthday.... 

Eef van Breen for President (why politicians should not miss this concert)

Shimmering. Wondrous, ferocious. Poetic, powerful. Creative and humorous. Musical. Engaging. Layered. Spirited. A few days after my concert visit, words like these keep bubbling to the surface. And even though the Eef van Breen Group (EvBG) with Chapman for President is a typical case of 'especially go there', 'hear for yourself' and 'cannot be described', I'll make an effort. In the beginning My... 

McBurney's The Encounter points visitor #HF16 to a different way of life

The Encounter, a large-scale solo performance by British multi-talent Simon McBurney, had its Dutch premiere at the Holland Festival on Thursday. The Encounter combines the dramatic power of a Hollywood blockbuster with the polished simplicity of 20th-century, stripped-down, edited - call it Brechtian - theatre.

Scenic shot from The Encounter by Complicity/Simon McBurney. Photo: Robbie Jack.

Audio is the new video (I): McBurney's theatrical podcast on #HF16

Simon McBurney is a real theatre nerd. Exceedingly interested in mathematics and physics, he enjoys nothing more in the theatre than building technical illusions. He is also an in-demand actor and director, who, when he has a performance at London's Barbican Centre, gets a visit from Kate Bush, who humbly comes to congratulate him on his work. This year, he is,... 

Less is more: it can be done!

Yes, it can be done! Less is more! I heaved the last sigh on Wednesday 13 May in response to the production Benvenuto Cellini by Hector Berlioz, which Monty Python director Terry Gilliam made for the National Opera. Immediately the same evening, I was caught off guard at the premiere of The Peach of Immortality by Rieks Swarte at the Toneelschuur in Haarlem. It concerns a... 

Chapman for president- a film without images.

Is that possible? Picture-less film? Sure, just see-or better-listen to Chapman for President by the Eef van Breen Group on 2 May during LISFE: a cinematic sound project based on a personal story. An encounter with political refugee Chapman gave trumpeter, singer & composer Eef van Breen new eyes, ears and the idea for this film without images.... 

Audio is the new video. 10 palpable reasons why you should experience 'Oh that sea'

The living proof can be seen just before it knocks you off your socks, or lands under a bus before your eyes: people with headphones on in traffic are not on the same bike path as where you are riding. Not even in the same universe. Even if their eyes are open. We don't realise ourselves how effective sound is 

O(h) that sea. OK. But which of the two?

The difference is just an 'h'. But confusing it is. This week, the rock opera 'Oh That Sea' premieres in Zeeland. In a month's time, the spherical location performance 'Oh Die Zee' will launch in The Hague, just as the Zeeland show is having its final weekend. The performances are both also about the Odyssey, the classic Greek epic about a Greek hero who, after destroying the city of Troy, takes ten years to return to his own city, where he then ...

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