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Dutch Dance Theatre

'This new law means even more obstacles and restrictions for visiting culture.'

Honourable members of the House of Representatives, It is with great concern that we look at the Temporary Test Act that will be voted on in your House on Tuesday 11 May. This new law means even more hurdles and restrictions for visiting culture. Restrictions that will be introduced but where the end date is not given. This new testing law could be a godsend for... 

An app won't get you there. Why the minister should make archiving all arts mandatory

The heritage sector is not the sexiest sector of the Dutch cultural world. Even though nude exhibitions are flying around your ears this season, you're more likely to think of obscure museums, monuments, stamp collections, old stuff. This is how it happened that the Digital Heritage Netherlands Foundation could exist for almost 25 years without anyone in the 'more popular' arts (stage, film, literature)... 

programme V lighfoot kylian photo: Rahi Rezvani

Will Kylián's work return to NDT? (The 3 questions everyone is asking now that Paul Lightfoot announces departure)

Paul Lightfoot, artistic director of Nederlands Dans Theater, announces his departure from 2020. A remarkable decision. Just recently, the energetic leader was on stage at Zuiderstrandtheater to properly wave off Gerald Tibbs, former artistic director of NDT2 to his retirement. But there are some questions. 1: Why the day after a departure of his own... 

Fit during Significant Moments of NDT2

Vulnerable surrender for NDT2 in Significant Moments

Moving. Before Significant Moments begins, the brisk Fernando Hernando Magadan presents himself as the new artistic director of NDT2. Applause in the auditorium. But the reason he stands behind a lectern with a huge flower arrangement is to pay tribute to the retiring artistic director: Gerald Tibbs. Gerald Tibbs. The peerless dancer everyone could walk away from 

ITA is a hopeless name for an art house. But there is no alternative for Amsterdam's city theatre

Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam will continue together as 'Internationa(a)l Theater Amsterdam' (ITA). Not to be confused with the just-removed Internationaal Danstheater Amsterdam. I find the name 'ITA' rather chilly. Maybe as cold as Toneelgroep, but at least that still contained the word 'group'. That has something cosy about it. ITA is something like ING. Great ambition and no roots. For a moment... 

Side B: Adrift THE HIDDEN FLOOR © Rahi Rezvani

In Side B: Adrift, The Hidden Floor completes the madness

NDT 1 concludes its triptych Side B: Adrift with Franck Chartier's new The Hidden Floor. After the performance, I literally lose my way. Different worlds "Franck?", I call out. In the rain, an unremarkable man approaches me. Yes, comes the reply from under a cap. It's Franck Chartier, on his way to the studio in... 

Celebrating Kylian

Everyone is celebrating Jiri Kylian's 70th birthday in full. Except NDT.

Even abroad, it is noticeable that Jiří Kylián's work is not showing at NDT. Even though the so-called embargo is expiring and this is his anniversary year. No Kylián past three years The Financial Times reported. Laura Cappelle describes a fine performance by Nederlands Dans Theater in Paris and concludes that Kylián's work is not among the... 

here we live and now

Dance heals. Come and watch Here we live and now.

In turbulent times, an evening of dance works therapeutically. Especially when three former Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) dancers show new work in Here we live and now. Only, anyone expecting a sharp look at current affairs by the programme title will be disappointed. Here we live and now refers mainly to choreographers who live or work in The Hague and shows a snapshot of their... 

NDT 1 in top form with season opener 'Stage One', but end disappoints

Nederlands Dans Theater 1 opens the season with Stage One. A triptych without resident choreographers Léon & Lightfoot, but with three mostly young, adventurous dance makers. Music is an important factor in all three ballets. The evening opens with Thin Skin, choreographer Marco Goecke's ode to punk icon Patti Smith. Culture Press reviewed the piece last year (€). The now flemish,... 

Tomorrow's dance summit now on show in The Hague

Nederlands Dans Theater's summer course gives a glimpse of the future. At the top dancers of tomorrow, but also the choreographers: many of the company's dance makers created a first piece for this summer course. This year, the course also gives a look at the old stage of the half-demolished Lucent Danstheater in The Hague. You can catch a... 

dance academy royal conservatoire national ballet academy

Charm and muscle at final performance of dance courses

Overwhelming final performances from the dance departments of the Royal Conservatoire and the National Ballet Academy shed light on young talent. And at the courses themselves.
Desired synthesis between school and company
The dance department of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague gives the performances in its own theatre. A small and intimate venue where you experience dance up close. That will change in 2019: then the conservatory will move together with the Nederlands Dans T...

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Rader works and rebellious emotions

Years ago, Nederlands Dans Theater profiled itself with the slogan "challenging dance". That applies well to Straight Around. This performance by youth company NDT2 premiered at Holland Dance Festival in The Hague on 18 February. The company does not immediately make things easy for its audience with the four danced pieces, but for those who know how to empathise, there is... 

AUREUM by Medhi Walerski, still from trailer

Young choreographers triumph in NDT2's 'Shearing the Wolves'

In the wings of Nederlands Dans Theater, the new generation of dance makers is ready. Medhi Walerski and Johan Inger are both former dancers of the company and have previously created pieces there. In NDT2's Shearing the Wolves programme, they each surprise with a world premiere full of intense, pure dance. In comparison, an older work by house choreographers Sol Léon and... 

start again

Ad hoc dance in Nederlands Dans Theater's slick Netflix series

Bodies are dragged away to loud applause and cheers: a more symbolic beginning Nederlands Dans Theater could not have imagined. With Start Again, the international ballet company highlights an exile until 2019 at the harbour in Scheveningen. A tricky location, because remote. But also a dynamic place. A Dutch choreographer would surely invent a choreography there with ferries, cutters and lifeboats. NDT, however, chooses the... 

The organ is missing! No renowned concert hall for Hague cultural complex

Last Thursday, there was another consultation in The Hague about Jo Coenen's new cultural complex. Opponents wanted to get the plans off the table, which at this stage could no longer be done. But a striking argument was that this cultural palace would never be among the renowned concert halls because it lacks an organ. A fallacy or a major problem? The construction of the Education and Culture Complex... 

Vote now! Nominations Dance Audience Award 2014 announced

The Official Nominations for the 2014 Dance Audience Award have been announced. Check out the 10 favourite dance performances and 10 favourite dancers of 2014. You can also vote for them. Varied entries For the Dance Audience Award, almost 800 dance performance visitors sent in nominations of no fewer than 105 dancers and 65 dance performances. From Igone de Jongh of the Dutch National Ballet to the young Carlos Puts in... 

Plastic Junkies by Antonin Comestaz, photo Robert Benschop

Squeaky plastic and schizophrenia in Here We Live And Now by NDT and Korzo

Among the audience at Korzo theatre in The Hague at the performance 'Here We Live And Now' are a striking number of dancers from Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). No wonder, as many of their colleagues are involved in this performance. This annual programme featuring young choreographic talent is a co-production of NDT and Korzo. The addition 'Hague' talent, by the way, may be taken with... 

The Ballet Orchestra

Holland Symfonia is now THE Ballet Orchestra. National and Dutch at the same time

On the phone, it takes some getting used to. 'Good morning, Holland Symfonia speaking', you hear when you call the orchestra in Amsterdam's Q-factory studios. But that's not the orchestra's name at all. In fact, Holland Symfonia has a new name: The Ballet Orchestra.

Coming up with names for orchestras, just start. First, you had the Netherlands Ballet Orchestra, regular orchestral partner of the Dutch National Ballet. That sat in the Muziektheater Amsterdam. The idea of an orchestra specifically for ballet came in the y...

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The world's most beautiful artist foyer is in the Zuiderstrand Theatre

So the building is a bit redundant, well considered. After years of drawing, tug-of-war and plans for a new venue complex in the city centre of The Hague, local politicians blew off the Spui Forum earlier this year. Now, I'm sure there will have been all kinds of criticisms of that building plan, but the consequences of the lokalos blowing it off are not... 

OFFline - OFFprojects-photo MIlenaTwiehaus

5 ways to renew dance in 1 performance. Go OFFline in Korzo

As a museum, if you want to participate a little, you have to lead the audience through the presentation interactively. You should be able to do the same with dance, choreographer Amos Ben-Tal must have thought with his project OFFline. He shows 5 ways. In a performance.

1. start differently
The much-used formula of 'sit in your chair and watch a performance' is immediately jettisoned at OFFline by dance collective OFFPROJECTS. At first, you walk through various spaces of the Korzo theatre and get to work ...

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Ballet gala Dancers' Fund '79 photo Antoinette Mooy

6 Tips for a successful gala. (Ballet gala of the Dancers' Fund '79)

A gala should be festive. So the Ballet Gala of the Dancers' Fund '79 Foundation was festive. On Monday 20 January 2014, the fund's 17th gala took place at the DeLaMar theatre in Amsterdam, Joop van den Ende's glamorous ballroom.

A few tips for a successful gala.

1: Know who is giving you an award
The fund set up by Han Ebbelaar and Alexandra Radius thirty-five years ago is doing a huge service to the dance world. Almost every Dutch talent can be on...

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Welcome to the Culture Press archive! As a member, you have access to all, over 4,000 posts we have made since our inception in 2009!

(Recent posts (under three months old) are available for all to read, thanks to our members!)

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