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Judith Uyterlinde (World Editions) - Animation fits well with the artistic and fictional nature of our novels

As in the animation sector, the book trade is hugely diverse. Within the Netherlands, around 4,500(!) publishing houses operate. From cooking and baking to self-help, from fact to fiction, an awful lot is written and published in the Netherlands. But there is also a publisher, World Editions, which does operate from the Netherlands, but focuses on the English market. They translate existing... 

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Aid schemes authors: counter opened

Writers and translators hit by the corona crisis can now apply for three support schemes set up especially for them. They can apply for up to €5,000 for a project grant or income support. The first submission deadline closes on 30 September 2020. Membership of the Authors' Association or affiliation to Lira is not compulsory.

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Rights Sector Support Fund established for creators in culture and creative industries

Creators in the cultural and creative industries affected by the Corona crisis will soon be able to appeal to the Rights Sector Support Fund. Agreement was reached on Wednesday 27 May on the establishment of the support fund, which has a budget of 10 million euros available. Members of the Authors' Union can also start appealing to the fund. Where will the support fund... 

'At many theatres, you don't have to arrive if you don't bring your own audience.'

I spoke to Peter Pluymaekers, artistic director of Theatre Group Zep, about what it is like to make theatre for vmbo students. The occasion was the not-so-jubilant performance of Cleopatra. Listen to the podcast on anchor: 'I'm always a bit reluctant to do Shakespeare. I find him difficult, and young people often find him corny. I felt the same about the... 

(With PODCAST) The Netherlands worth a quarter of a billion more because of books. (And only a few writers benefit from that)

A person working at a publishing house thus generates for himself an income of 42,379.79 euros. That is slightly more than the average income of people in the book trade, who only make do with an average of 31,000 euros per person. This income is largely generated by authors and translators. These earn - on average - 1540.55 euros. Per person. Per... 

Lesson 1 of a Literature Festival: translators are really nice people. #ILFU17

Dutch, ladies and gentlemen, is just about the most difficult language in the world, and any committee that wants to improve it only makes it worse. As a professional language user, I have thought so for years, and it has now been happily confirmed by people who really know about it: translators. The first day of the International Literature Festival Utrecht (ILFU)... 

writers gathered in captain Zeppos

Writers together: self-publishing is no longer just for losers.

They still exist. Writers who find it hard enough to write a book, and so are happy to leave all the rest to a publisher. They may complain afterwards about poor marketing, minimal payment and guidance, but have no idea how they could do it differently. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly easy to do things differently... 

Now for the money. 2 problems and only one and a half solutions in the new copyright law.

Should the free market be curbed to save Dutch culture? The issue facing the Dutch government is quite a big one. On Tuesday, Dutch 'makers' (artists, photographers, actors, screenwriters, translators, directors, freelance journalists, etc.) presented a pamphlet. The pamphlet outlines the idiotic situation the Dutch cultural and creative sector is in. No other country disregards... 

ZIGGO and UPC must dock. Writers' mega win over cable companies

We reported on it earlier. Because it was too crazy for words. Cable companies refused to pay writers since 2012. They did pay broadcasters, producers and men in suits like that with a BMW out front, but not writers. And neither did journalists. While a large part of those clubs' billions in profits comes from the very makers of the... 

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