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Cultural and creative sector taskforce: open up the cultural sector!

The Cultural and Creative Sector Taskforce calls on the government to adopt consistent policies across sectors and assumes that: - now that commercial flow-through venues (such as the Bijenkorf) are reopening, cultural flow-through venues such as museums, monuments and presentation institutions can also open their doors. - now that indoor sports are possible again, active arts and culture will also be possible again. This... 


The virus may be unpredictable, but how we respond to it need not be. The Cultural and Creative Sector Taskforce calls on the government to quickly come up with a predictable government strategy aimed at different stages of the pandemic. Indicate at which corona signal values restrictive measures for the cultural sector come into effect or can be lifted. Link... 

This is why Culture Press exists - The most read stories of 2021.

These are the stories that stirred mouse arms and click fingers in 2021, and this is exactly the material from which Culture Press derives its raison d'être. It is the top ten most read stories, in a year that saw over 250,000 page views. Fear and trembling in the culture sector: the dark side of the 'trickle down' Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen did... 

Nerd podcast on Marijn Lems' (NRC) annual list: Mental trauma and struggling with loss and grief.

Marijn Lems has a hobby that coincides nicely with his work as a reviewer for NRC Handelsblad, Theaterkrant and Cultuurpers. After all, he plays countless games, sees bizarre amounts of television series and also goes to the theatre more than many colleagues can afford. Every year, he creates a top list, which he posts on Facebook. Once it was the... 

Logo of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Cultural sector representatives and Culture Minister Van Engelshoven agree to continue paying self-employed workers as much as possible

Today, outgoing Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands Association for the Performing Arts (NAPK) and the Free Theatre Producers Association (VVTP) agreed to use funds from the support packages to pay self-employed people as fully as possible. This is a prelude to broader agreements on the pass-through of the specific support packages within the entire cultural sector, which the Taskforce... 

170 million added structurally. The cultural sector can breathe a sigh of relief. Our wish list

Rutte 4 says sorry to Rutte 1, 2 and 3. We cannot explain the new coalition agreement very differently. Almost all the crown jewels of 11 years of neoliberal policies have been abandoned. That the budget for the cultural and creative sector is now (including marginal repairs during Rutte 3) back to 2010 levels is almost unbelievable. That... 

Arts organisations, pay your own people decently!

A safety net scheme for freelancers in the cultural sector: fifty interest and industry organisations this week appealed once again to the cabinet and the Lower House for financial support for this large group. This concerns 70 per cent of so-called cultural workers, i.e. a majority who do not have permanent employment. Due to the just reintroduced evening closure of venues, they are seeing their income once again... 

Fear and trembling in the cultural sector: the dark side of the 'trickle down'

Pure panic and existential angst: that's the picture you get when you approach makers in the arts personally about the effects of trickle down (the trickle down of corona funding from the government to those makers). The Creative Coalition may be making a fist for them, talking to the minister about it, the institutes debating it, but the creators are silent.... 

Nerd podcast S2A3: With Cees Debets (National Theatre) and Marijn Lems (NRC) on the uncertain times in theatres

The theatres are struggling to fill up, technicians have hung up their lamps, but tickets are not on sale for Het Nationale Theater's Trojan Wars. So in this long-awaited Nerd podcast (the AVROTROS thinks the tune is really terrible), we talk to Cees Debets, the director of that great theatre company from The Hague. Marijn Lems also happens to have a few... 

Culture Council in advice: Smart approach to recovery and transition of cultural system is now the art

It is thanks to support measures that the cultural sector did not go down in the corona crisis. But unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet. Time, money and space are needed to prevent the cultural sector from collapsing after all. So writes the Council for Culture to outgoing minister Van Engelshoven (OCW). The council points out that many... 

Diepenheim's theatre workshop undermined by 'rules and codes' And Corona.

There is turmoil in the world of circus and open-air theatre as a major workshop cum festival in the famous artist town of Diepenheim loses its director. Ruth Semmekrot, director of Kunsten op Straat Overijssel since 2013, suddenly resigned her post last Friday. In a statement on Facebook, she stated: 'I have struggled. The administrative and political dynamics I was in... 

Museum association sounds alarm: even strong museums will not get out of the one-and-a-half-meter without support

Last weekend's #unmuteus parades might lead you to believe that, as soon as the weather allows, the cultural world will be out of its misery in less than no time. The tens of thousands who took to the streets are quickly populating the halls again, and with a little more water with the beer, and slightly more expensive mints, the night and event industry - which is also there for the... 

To the makers, policymakers and culture lovers of the Netherlands: Statement by Kristel Baele, president of the Council for Culture, at the opening of the cultural season. 

"This weekend marks the opening of the cultural season, but also brings mixed feelings. More and more people are gradually finding their way back to museums, theatres and concert halls. The sounds and colours there grab us, comfort us and bring us together again. We experience culture now perhaps more beautiful than ever. We look forward to it.... 

For comfort in these dark times, you need John Buijsman. And Kees. #tfboulevard

Bosses start to look like their dogs. Or vice versa. Or owners like dogs who look like them. Or vice versa. Either way. If you want proof of this statement, hurry to Theatre Festival Boulevard where John Buijsman plays the gem 'Cosmic Cowboy', assisted by Kees, a labradoodle. Or something that should pass for that. John Buijsman is one of the... 

Spielberg, #metoo and corona: Ivo van Hove's West Side Story does not survive crisis

It was supposed to be Ivo van Hove's big break on Broadway. And it was meant to be, but fate decided otherwise. It was announced today via US show news Variety that West Side Story, in Ivo van Hove's modern, raucous version, will not be revived. Despite a jubilant reception and virtually sold-out theatres,... 

Better listening, watching, feeling, smelling and tasting thanks to Theatre Festival Boulevard #tfboulevard

We don't look upward enough. Maybe we do a quick glance at the horizon to see if that shower is really going to ruin our terrace afternoon, but that's not looking for the sake of looking. And I was able to do that thanks to the people of BLOOS. In Bossche Zuiderpark, they have a... 

'Jett Rebel, we heard you and the money for the cultural sector you are asking for is ready. In Brussels!'

Young artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and other new thinkers are drowning in the effects of the Corona crisis, as a cry for help from Jett Rebel in de Volkskrant again showed. Assignments are falling away and there is little room for new initiatives. A whole generation of creative talents seems to be lost in jobs in the hospitality industry or at the GGD. The European Recovery Fund... 

'Vanished talent and manpower will break up culture sector as it relaunches in September'

The uncertainty of the events sector and cultural institutions, after 17 months of lockdowns and one-and-a-half-month openings, is not only disastrous for the mood of directors, artists and spectators. According to the Creative Sector Taskforce, much more is being lost. In fact, a 'Marshall Plan' is needed to get the cultural and creative sector back on its feet,... 

PODCAST - Naomi Velissariou's permanent quest: 'I wonder if I should do interpretation or connection as an artist.'

Naomi Velissariou (1984) was actually supposed to be at the Bossche Festival Boulevard 2021 with more performances. This year, her entire trilogy 'Permanent Destruction' would be performed in a setting like club rave. Fierce musical theatre, based on playwrights Sarah Kane and Heiner Müller, and concluded with the more subdued work 'Pain against Fear'. All parts have received rave reviews from audiences and press, but... 

Boulevard experiences second Corona edition: 'It's organising a festival in the middle of a natural disaster. Nothing is business as usual'

Theatre festival Boulevard is going ahead this summer, just like last year. Everything is adapted to 'corona': safe at one-and-a-half metres, placarded, with registration for catering, but still just about a hundred performances. In this podcast, I speak to Nina Aalders and Tessa Smeulers, responsible for Boulevard's programming. They remained at the helm after the much-loved and... 

Many employers in culture may have to repay emergency NOW aid in full

Many employers (37 per cent) do not know that they have to apply for the final calculation of their NOW allowance themselves. In the cultural sector, it even threatens to go completely wrong. The UWV says it is still waiting for more than half of the applications for final calculations from the cultural sector. This is according to the implementing body's own research. One is worried there... 

Utrecht literature festival ILFU opens ticket sales for festival week in late September, Featuring Roxane Gay, Angie Thomas, Édouard Louis and Max Porter, among others

Despite persistent corona uncertainty in the cultural sector, International Literature Festival Utrecht (ILFU) today announces a large part of its programme. The largest literary festival in the Netherlands will take place from 23 September to 2 October 2021 and will programme a host of international writers, poets, musicians and theatre-makers in TivoliVredenburg. On 25 September, the festival theme #WhyFictionMatters will include the French... 

animation michiel peeters programmer tivoli vredenburg

Michiel Peeters (TivoliVredenburg) - We want to make visual art a more prominent part of our programme

Public space is dressed up with visualisation, music video and art in many places, including TivoliVredenburg. Either via projection mapping on buildings during events, or via LED panels in shop windows and abris, but also as digital art during performances and lobbies in theatres. In TivoliVredenburg, in the heart of Utrecht, they even create separate events for it. Canvas is a programme that... 


From Thursday 2 to Sunday 12 September 2021, the Netherlands Theatre Festival will show the best productions of the past theatre season. The Netherlands Theatre Jury, headed by jury president Hadassah de Boer, selected the eight best theatre productions of the moment. Today, the jury announced its selection. The full selection can be seen during the upcoming edition of the festival 

Presenter Harm Edens wrote a book about his childhood: 'I always felt like an outsider'

He is known as a writer of comedy series, such as SamSam and Het zonnetje in huis, and as presenter of the satirical TV programme Dit was het nieuws. But during Harm Edens' (59) youth, there was little to laugh at. 'Even though the whole country claps for you, if your parents don't, it's still a loss.' The 'intelligent lockdown' was last... 

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