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Music can move, comfort and even heal the greatest traumas, the Holland Festival makes us feel

ANOHNI lived in Amsterdam for a year as a young child, in Gerrit van der Veenstraat, formerly Euterpestraat. The street where the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) had its headquarters during the war in what is now a nice school with a focus on art. Opposite was the building from which Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung organised the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews. The... 

Laurie anderson by Ebru Yildiz

Deep poignancy and plenty of humour with Laurie Anderson at Holland Festival

Laurie Anderson visited the Holland Festival for a third time and played to a sold-out Carré. With a five-piece Sexmob, a jazz combo from New York for the occasion, she performed well-known and lesser-known songs from her oeuvre spanning more than four decades. And every song felt like it was dear to her, with fresh, new arrangements of double bass and baritone ... 

Moby Dick

Moby Dick for the twenty-first century, genderqueer and layered #HF22

Moby Dick; or, The Whale is the latest gesammtkunstwerk by artist collective Moved By The Motion, Schauspielhaus Zürig and Wu Tsang. Her adaptation of the great American classic as layered as the book. Where Herman Melville uses accounts, scholarly sources and monologues, Tsang deploys film and music. In a collage of theatrical performance, dance, found footage, animation and documentation nature footage,... 

Angels of Amsterdam convinces with 4 centuries of women's lives

If you get the urge to run your finger through the candle flame for a moment, then a VR installation is already almost successful. Not just because of the technical feat, but also because it convinces as a place to bivouac for half an hour. I am standing at the bar of a seventeenth-century Amsterdam pub. There are murmurs, music, a bartender who is... 

'You don't know where you stand.' Non-visitors of theatre make it clear where art goes wrong

The vast majority of Dutch adults never go to the theatre. Interestingly enough, the question among theatre people is never really about why people don't go to the theatre. After all, our arts sector is a supply market. At an art school, you are not trained to please the public, but to express your most individual emotion. And then preferably... 

FUNERAL FOR STREET CULTURE - A Critical Celebration and Mourning of Counter Culture A group project by Metro54 and Rita Ouédraogo and hosted by Framer Framed

Over the past year, the global pandemic and reignited Black Lives Matter protests have had a huge impact on our daily reality. A Funeral for Street Culture seeks to explore and make visible the sense of loss and other consequences of these events within art and culture. The group project, curated and initiated by Metro54 and curator Rita Ouédraogo,... 

Holland Festival celebrated the live arts in corona time

The 74th edition of the Holland Festival closed last weekend with the performances Transverse Orientation by Dimitris Papaioannou, Age of Rage by ITA-Ensemble and Pierrot Lunaire by Marlene Monteiro Freitas. The festival collaborated with two associate artists, Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and French-Austrian theatre maker Gisèle Vienne. Twenty-three companies played one hundred and eleven performances in twenty-five days. The festival presented seven world premieres and co-produced 11 international... 

Literary festival ILFU launches storytelling competition for all forms of storytelling - From prose to film, music to TikTok videos

ILFU (International Literary Festival Utrecht) is launching a national storytelling competition for the second time - in which stories in all possible forms are welcome. The ILFU Verhalenwedstrijd is the first interdisciplinary story contest in the Netherlands, organised on the belief that good stories can and should be told in all conceivable forms. The theme of this year's contest is What matters... 

Mailles remains in the Holland Festival a closed oyster that does not reveal its pearl.

Something about roots, and that they are cut off and that this is inconvenient. Or not, because it gives freedom. Something about men and women, but what exactly didn't quite become clear in Mailles, which I got to experience at the Holland Festival on Thursday 10 June, after another curious test-for-access episode. The great hall of the building that I just don't... 

Theatrical installation looking at current events from the Maroons' perspective, this summer at Plein Theatre

Swart Gat/ Golden Age (Dunguu olo - katibo-ten) is a theatrical installation about Amsterdam's slavery past and Maroon culture from Suriname. The concept is by Tolin Erwin Alexander, Berith Danse and designer Bartel Meyburg. The theatrical installation, which has lost none of its urgency, has been further finished and will start again in summer 2021! From 17 June (19 June... 

First titles Theatre Festival Boulevard 2021 announced; Theme Theatre Festival Boulevard 2021: Hack the horizon

Theatre Festival Boulevard 's-Hertogenbosch will take place from Thursday 5 to Sunday 22 August 2021. The 37th festival edition features over 120 different performances, concerts, performances and installations in theatres, at unique locations and in the Zuiderpark. We also move into the night with Fomo Fatale, club nights with steaming sounds. The Zuiderpark serves as a new, spacious festival heart, including the... 

Dance & theatre collective Movementalist, in collaboration with Plein Theater, presents the Movement Expo Aceleratio at the NDSM Fuse from 27 May (premiere) to 30 May.

The art of slowing down in times of pandemic. Aceleratio is an interdisciplinary performance installation that aims to confront online and offline audiences with struggle, freedom, courage and comfort, from the need to embody these times. Artistic directors Dayna Martinez Morales & Vincent Verburg are the initiators of Movement Expo Aceleratio. Ten experienced and very different performers in... 

AM LIVE - International Women's Day

The Amsterdam Museum has started its weekly AM LIVE talk show again! Thursday 11 March's edition is dedicated to International Women's Day (8 March). The episode will be presented by Margriet Schavemaker and Ghanima Kowsoleea. At the table this edition only women: including Raja Felgata (journalist, editor-in-chief of the annual ranking The Colourful Top 100 and founder... 

Loneliness: a live interview with psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter by TV presenter Rachel Rosier

Did you know that one in 10 Dutch people suffer from severe loneliness? The subject is more topical than ever due to the corona crisis and yet we find it hard to talk about it with each other. On Wednesday 31 March at 8pm, TivoliVredenburg and city lab RAUM present a candid interview with Flemish psychiatrist Dirk de Wachter by Rachel Rosier.... 

Movementalist and Plein Theatre present 25, 26 and 27 February Aceleratio Sneak Peek Streams

Movementalist and Plein Theatre present 25, 26 and 27 February Aceleratio Sneak Peek Streams as a sneak peek of the performance installation Aceleratio that will be on show at the NDSM Fuse in May 2021. In the last three of the series of six 'sneak peek' live streams from the Plein Theatre, viewers get a look 'under the skin' of the performers. Intimate, fragile... 

Refresh Symposium - Art climate of Amsterdam

On Friday 12 February 2021 from 12:00-17:00, the Amsterdam Museum, together with its various partners, is organising the Refresh Symposium on the Amsterdam art climate. A symposium in which makers such as Bas Kosters, Massih Hutak and Raquel van Haver together with representatives of cultural institutions such as NDSM-werf, AFK and Amerpodia will critically examine the art climate in the city. The symposium... 

Listening away for music. Is that possible?

Listening away, does the word exist? I did it. And still do. For music. Just as you can look away from something, I listened away from the CD that was so thoughtfully sent to me. Here's the thing. This autumn, I received CD Wounds & Brutality through the post as a gift from Tom America- composer, musician, quirky creator. I've been a fan of America since 2011. He... 


The Holland Festival 2020 had an exceptional year; due to the corona pandemic, it did not physically go ahead for the first time in its history. Instead, it was given an online programme as its fulfilment. Holland Festival online programme 2.0-2.0 was the 73rd edition of the festival and the second to work with an associate artist. This year, that was choreographer, director,... 

Improper governance? Looks like it. Holland Festival expresses justified anger at Culture Council's arbitrariness (edited to make criticism of Oerol and lobby insightful)

The Council for Culture acted contrary to all policy agreements, its own advice and rules when it reduced the subsidy for the Holland Festival by over five hundred thousand euros. The Holland Festival, which is in serious trouble as a result, is now expressing its anger in a letter that went to the Lower House today. The organisation even speaks of "improper administration": a... 


From 11 to 21 June, the Holland Festival will present an online programme as close as possible to the core and essence of the original programme, which was cancelled due to the corona crisis. Together with artists from around the world who were due to perform in the 2020 festival, an alternative online programme has been put together. The festival theme, suggested by... 

Audience, you have an asset!

Thanks to the informal fanfare, this music storyteller sees a mega opportunity. Trio The Big Three. That's what I want to talk about. By which, for once, I do not mean the Flemish Damiaan Denys, Paul Verhaeghe and Dirk de Wachter. Writers Harry, Gerard and Willem F. I also leave out. Ask the listeners of this Music Storyteller and they will surely know how to help you:.... 


From 4 to 28 June 2020, Amsterdam will host the 73rd edition of the Holland Festival. Associate Artist this year is American choreographer, director, writer and dancer Bill T. Jones. His work will include the new show Deep Blue Sea, in which Jones himself dances and, assisted by a hundred mostly local... 

Dutch Edition Of Eurovision Song Contest Is Underpaying Musicians. (And existing orchestras are left out)

We got some confusing messages last weekend. The reason was the festive announcement of the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest that a special symphonic happening would take place at the finals in Rotterdam. Third year and master students of the Rotterdam Conservatoire, part of Codarts, as well as young professional musicians were invited. A 'fee' would be available for... 

Being engaged does not only mean presenting interesting work, it is also about those you show it to.

A man walks down the theatre corridor with his daughter in a wheelchair. Stops at an usher. Hesitates, then says: 'I don't want to nag, but she can't go on the disabled toilet. I'm looking for a place to change her.' So this usher, he helps search. Moments later, they are behind a rack in the pantry. Sugar sachets, coffee, speculoos, tins.... 

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